Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Computer Arts Projects/Tutorial/Issue 130

The new issue of Computer Arts Projects is on sale now, and it is arguably the best issue of the year so far, we think so anyway. Turn to page 35 and get tooled up for the world of apparel design and production, as our man Joshua demystifies the world of designer-led apparel… Enjoy.


  1. i missed this issue is there anyway to still get it?

  2. Just read your feature 'Produce your own Apparel' in computer arts project. Great advice - very useful.

    Thank you from South Africa ;D

  3. I have a lot of great ideas for some shirts , unfortunately I am not an artist , I screen print from time to time and heat transfer as well , I am looking to connect with an artist who has the time to make some money , who knows we may get rich or really recognized. get in touch bogardz@gmail.com
    PS. I also missed out on this issue and would like to buy a copy (its sold out everywhere!)