Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mongol Rally 09 t's

Fresh off the print floor are these new 3 colour Mongol Rally 09 shirts, for The Adventurists, which are looking good. You’ll only be lucky enough to wear one of these participant shirts if you’ve signed up for the rally, which launches on the 18th July from Hyde Park. We’re just about to do a top-up run for their generic ‘attire’ too. Good luck to all those heading into the unknown…..

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

WDSP ♥'s Trekstock & Bloc Party & Matthew Dent

Bloc Party ♥'s Trekstock
To celebrate the 'Trekstock presents Bloc Party' special Glastonbury Warm Up gig at the NEW 'Relentless Garage' on June 25th, Bloc party and the very talented Matthew Dent of State 28 designed some super special 'limited edition' t-shirts!
We printed 200 of these lovely t's, lots sold at the gig and Trekstock have a few up for grabs on their on-line shop. So get'em while they're hot.

WDSP X CAP X Craig Ward [Print in Print]